Friday, May 16, 2014

Perspective Complete

Artists Collaborate: Working in a group for anything is hard work. A group of 6 girls working on one project people are bound to argue. We each had our own opinion on how we should go about creating this art piece as well as how it looked along the way. Tension brewed and disagreements stirred. In the end, though, we worked pretty well together to get the job done. We all contributed to the supplies we needed for this project.

Artists Solve Problems: First of all we had to find a way to get our word from the cardboard cutout onto the wall without messing up  the perspective. We tried laser pointers and directing each other where to lay down the tape. It took for ever with that method but in the end it worked out well. When told we could not use chalk by the janitors we were kind of bummed and were thinking of completely new ideas to work on in other parts of the courtyard. Mr.Sands suggested we use a different material such as colored paper, I thought Duck Tape!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Parallel Project

So i decided not to pick a specific news story to base my project on, but a modern downfall. I chose to use the idea of unhappy marriage and put a fairy tale twist to it. The idea I'm going with is Happily Never After. This is a series of 5 works that show how the Disney Princesses don't get happy endings either. My ideas were to have Cinderella walking through NYC and tossing her glass slipper away with shopping bags for big name shoe stores swinging from her arm.

For Snow White, I'd like her to be cutting up red apples while her prince calls in from the other room "What's for dinner?"
Sleeping Beauty will be sleeping on a couch in a living room filled with trash and dirty laundry and her wedding picture hanging crooked on the wall

Rapunzel will be up in her tower tossing all of Flynn Ryder's stuff out into a pile on the ground, several things will be broken, since she's up so high.
As for Belle, she will be sitting in her library reading with a fire roaring in the fireplace and Beast's head mounted to the wall like a trophy.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Time Final Snapshot

Artists Create Original Art- No one in class has used dominoes as a medium and because the idea behind it is so personal, I'd venture to say that this is a very original art piece. I decided to paint the dominoes so they wouldn't look like ordinary dominoes. I wanted my piece to be unique.
I didn't use an art piece as inspiration, but rather a song that really summed up how my family works together to take care of each other.

Artists Solve Problems- As you would have guessed working with dominoes that were not going to be glued in place was a rather strenuous activity. It took me several tries and lots of stress to get the final product. I wanted the symbolism to be real in the piece, so I wanted the dominoes to have the ability to still fall down eventually. It just fell down a lot more often then I would have wanted while working on it :) 
I didn't have enough supplies to make the whole phrase All Fall Down, but I felt like the fact that the dominoes can fall kind of helped portray my message without having to spend too much extra money on the project.


 ~ We fall to learn to pick ourselves up again~

Monday, April 14, 2014


Our idea is to use chalk in school colors to write the word PRIDE in the courtyard. My group (Michelle, Madison, Marisa, Brittany, Rocio and myself) had other ideas for words to use ("Enchilada", and "come together" to give a few examples),but this one was short and actually had to do with the school so it would be cool for people to see in the courtyard. We are making our perspective work using a cardboard cutout of the word PRIDE and Michelle is guiding us where to draw with the chalk. We are starting with just an outline of each letter then we will color them in. It's a lengthy process but we have had fun working on it.
 Our idea to use chalk was discouraged by the janitorial staff therefore we had to rethink our idea and will begin outline our letters in masking tape and make the school colors with duct tape.

(more pictures will be added as we progress in our work)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Snapshot 1 Time as an Element

Artists Develop Art Making Skills: I used a new form of media for my work. I have never worked with dominoes before. I find it challenging to work with them, but I am set in my idea and will not give up. Also for the first time, I am using spray paint. I am not using it in a traditional sense though. I am using them to paint my dominoes in a gradient starting with black, going to blue, and ending with white.
Artists Communicate Through Their Work: The idea for my project is for the dominoes to spell out All Fall Down with the possibility for them to actually fall down. I got the idea for the phrase from a song by One Republic that's about knowing someone is there for you when everything goes bad, or when it "all falls down" around you. The song really meant something to me because I have a big family that is very close and we're all there for one another when the going gets tough. This message speaks to me more than the other work I've done because this one of the few serious works I have done. 
Artists Take Risks: This project will only work with patients and hard work. Every time the dominoes fall I have to set them back up again. I didn't know when I came up with the idea that dominoes would be so hard to find but I had to go to multiple stores to find them and they were kind of expensive. I am setting up my project on some white poster board so that the dark colors of the blue gradient will be seen. This is a project that must be looked at from above to get the full effect. I have started marking where I put the dominoes in order to more quickly and efficiently set them back up when they fall. 

Appropriation Completed

Monday, February 24, 2014

Appropriation Snapshot 2

1. Artist create original art
I wanted to use characters that are very familiar to everyone, but put my own spin on it. I used pictures of the Mickey Mouse gang and added the zombie features and scratches to it.

4. Artist takes risks
I just kind of wung it with the zombie features from movies and TV shows I've seen. I risked changing a well known character. My painting this time is a lot less structural than others I have done, less clean lines and taping off edges.
2. Artist develop art making skills
I worked more with the projector to get my image scaled right onto the canvas. I had to come up with new ways to mix colors to create dull, dirty colors that are associated with zombie apocalypses. I had to make a lot of small details and be really exact in my painting.