Friday, May 16, 2014

Perspective Complete

Artists Collaborate: Working in a group for anything is hard work. A group of 6 girls working on one project people are bound to argue. We each had our own opinion on how we should go about creating this art piece as well as how it looked along the way. Tension brewed and disagreements stirred. In the end, though, we worked pretty well together to get the job done. We all contributed to the supplies we needed for this project.

Artists Solve Problems: First of all we had to find a way to get our word from the cardboard cutout onto the wall without messing up  the perspective. We tried laser pointers and directing each other where to lay down the tape. It took for ever with that method but in the end it worked out well. When told we could not use chalk by the janitors we were kind of bummed and were thinking of completely new ideas to work on in other parts of the courtyard. Mr.Sands suggested we use a different material such as colored paper, I thought Duck Tape!

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