Monday, September 30, 2013

Up Close and Personal

1. At first I only thought of things that would be personal to a person, but then I started to think of things at a close up. The subject I chose, the pine branch, was actually one of my mom’s ideas. I thought it would be a great textured example of the theme.

2. I used all cool colors for the background and pine branch, and then used a warm, bright red for the Christmas ornament.

3.I chose to use chalk pastels. I used these because I had more experience with this medium having used it in Art 1. I think the chalk gives a rough look to the textures in the piece.

4. I didn’t smudge the chalk pastels like I had before; I didn’t want the lines to look smooth except for on the red ornament. I think that that risked my piece looking rushed, but I believe it came out the way I had planned.

5.I used technique in my piece. I used straight, short strokes for the branches needles, and long flowing strokes for the background.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

What's the Point?

1. Some of my solutions were pyramids, swords, needles, a compass, a graph, and giving up on life. 

2. I chose to go with needles, though I had difficulty drawing a realistic one, so I thought to draw something that had to do with needles. I ended up using a girl with track marks as my subject.

3. I made the background darker so that the girl would stand out against it. Then, I made the part of the arm with the track marks the lightest to emphasize the focal point of my work.

4. I used pencil as my medium, I thought it would give me more control over the shading in my work.

5. I used contour lines to show the curves of the arm breast and torso, and the straight, rough bricks of the background.

6.My subject was my risk with this project. i felt it was outside of the box and might be considered crude rather than striking.

7. The message I am conveying is: What is the point of ruining your life for one fleeting moment of relief?