Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Amusement and Variety

I chose to represent amusement by selecting New York City as my subject. I spent many day trips to Manhattan while i was living in New York. This project was a little difficult to make it all work together and not seem like I just threw everything together. I started with a blank canvas and covered it in a subway map, then I added a heading from the New York Times, a skyline of the city, a taxi cab, the Yankee logo, and some other NY hot spot items. I drybrushed some purple acrylic paint mixed with a gell medium so that the subway lines would show through. I then covered the whole thing in a layer of tissue paper and gell medium. I retraced some of the the subway tracks, colored in the New York Times headline, and added some fireworks to represent the huge New Years celebration that is held in the city annually.