Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Parallel Project

So i decided not to pick a specific news story to base my project on, but a modern downfall. I chose to use the idea of unhappy marriage and put a fairy tale twist to it. The idea I'm going with is Happily Never After. This is a series of 5 works that show how the Disney Princesses don't get happy endings either. My ideas were to have Cinderella walking through NYC and tossing her glass slipper away with shopping bags for big name shoe stores swinging from her arm.

For Snow White, I'd like her to be cutting up red apples while her prince calls in from the other room "What's for dinner?"
Sleeping Beauty will be sleeping on a couch in a living room filled with trash and dirty laundry and her wedding picture hanging crooked on the wall

Rapunzel will be up in her tower tossing all of Flynn Ryder's stuff out into a pile on the ground, several things will be broken, since she's up so high.
As for Belle, she will be sitting in her library reading with a fire roaring in the fireplace and Beast's head mounted to the wall like a trophy.

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