Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Time Final Snapshot

Artists Create Original Art- No one in class has used dominoes as a medium and because the idea behind it is so personal, I'd venture to say that this is a very original art piece. I decided to paint the dominoes so they wouldn't look like ordinary dominoes. I wanted my piece to be unique.
I didn't use an art piece as inspiration, but rather a song that really summed up how my family works together to take care of each other.

Artists Solve Problems- As you would have guessed working with dominoes that were not going to be glued in place was a rather strenuous activity. It took me several tries and lots of stress to get the final product. I wanted the symbolism to be real in the piece, so I wanted the dominoes to have the ability to still fall down eventually. It just fell down a lot more often then I would have wanted while working on it :) 
I didn't have enough supplies to make the whole phrase All Fall Down, but I felt like the fact that the dominoes can fall kind of helped portray my message without having to spend too much extra money on the project.


 ~ We fall to learn to pick ourselves up again~

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