Monday, April 14, 2014


Our idea is to use chalk in school colors to write the word PRIDE in the courtyard. My group (Michelle, Madison, Marisa, Brittany, Rocio and myself) had other ideas for words to use ("Enchilada", and "come together" to give a few examples),but this one was short and actually had to do with the school so it would be cool for people to see in the courtyard. We are making our perspective work using a cardboard cutout of the word PRIDE and Michelle is guiding us where to draw with the chalk. We are starting with just an outline of each letter then we will color them in. It's a lengthy process but we have had fun working on it.
 Our idea to use chalk was discouraged by the janitorial staff therefore we had to rethink our idea and will begin outline our letters in masking tape and make the school colors with duct tape.

(more pictures will be added as we progress in our work)

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