Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ceramics Project

Size: 21cm in diameter x 6.5cm in height
           The design element stressed during the construction was form. To create this project we used the hump mold technique. The function of my piece is to hold keys or jewelry at my house when my parents get home from work. To create my design, I found a Celtic knot design online and used it as a template, I poked holes along the outlines into the clay. Then i connected the dots and filled the outlines in with red clay. I learned how to set up clay for a project, not to spread the clay too thin, how to paint with red clay and the right way to stack the kiln when our projects did not have glaze and also when they did have glaze. If I were to repeat the project I would have made the edges of my bowl smoother, and I would have made the design darker in some places so it was all the same color.

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