Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Arcylic Landscape Painting

To organize the layout of my painting I took multiple pictures from the internet and pieced together parts of each picture to create a new landscape. Before I started my painting I did an ink drawing to get a feel for where all of the features would be placed on the canvas. Next I chose a color scheme, I used an orange to violet analogous scheme. My painting had to have 4 parts to the landscape: foreground, middle ground, background, and sky.
To create the sky I used long horizontal brushstrokes that started at one end of the canvas and stopped at he other. My sky involved a lot of layering to get it to look like the sun was showing through at different intensities in different areas.
To create the background I used a dulled version of the colors in my scheme. I blended in some of the colors from the sky to give the mountains atmospheric perspective. Atmospheric perspective is a method of producing depth by making the object hazier and less distinct in the distance.
The sunlight showing through the purple clouds is my light source. I followed that source through the painting adding lighter colors where the sunlight hits the mountains and the reflection of the sun on the water.
I used different brushstrokes for each geological feature. For the mountains in the background I used thin, flowing strokes to give them a hill-like look to them. Each of the mountains in the middle ground is completely different from the other. The mountain on the right slopes down in a very smooth slide, while the one on the right is very rocky, with lots of different levels. The water fall is dry brushed on so you can almost see through the water to the rocks behind it.
Value is evident in the painting, there is great contrast in dark and light colors to show depth.

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