Thursday, September 12, 2013

What's the Point?

1. Some of my solutions were pyramids, swords, needles, a compass, a graph, and giving up on life. 

2. I chose to go with needles, though I had difficulty drawing a realistic one, so I thought to draw something that had to do with needles. I ended up using a girl with track marks as my subject.

3. I made the background darker so that the girl would stand out against it. Then, I made the part of the arm with the track marks the lightest to emphasize the focal point of my work.

4. I used pencil as my medium, I thought it would give me more control over the shading in my work.

5. I used contour lines to show the curves of the arm breast and torso, and the straight, rough bricks of the background.

6.My subject was my risk with this project. i felt it was outside of the box and might be considered crude rather than striking.

7. The message I am conveying is: What is the point of ruining your life for one fleeting moment of relief?

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