Monday, September 30, 2013

Up Close and Personal

1. At first I only thought of things that would be personal to a person, but then I started to think of things at a close up. The subject I chose, the pine branch, was actually one of my mom’s ideas. I thought it would be a great textured example of the theme.

2. I used all cool colors for the background and pine branch, and then used a warm, bright red for the Christmas ornament.

3.I chose to use chalk pastels. I used these because I had more experience with this medium having used it in Art 1. I think the chalk gives a rough look to the textures in the piece.

4. I didn’t smudge the chalk pastels like I had before; I didn’t want the lines to look smooth except for on the red ornament. I think that that risked my piece looking rushed, but I believe it came out the way I had planned.

5.I used technique in my piece. I used straight, short strokes for the branches needles, and long flowing strokes for the background.

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