Monday, February 24, 2014

Appropriation Snapshot 1

3. Artists communicate through their work
I chose to make the Mickey characters kind of creepy and zombie like because my family has always liked zombie movies and we used to watch my dad play the Resident Evil video games when we were little. I also liked the layout of the characters because it looks like a family portrait which also went along with the idea that my family all share an interest in the living dead. This work is meant to be purely for entertainment. I want to give this painting to my family and have them all laugh and remember how much fun we have when we have zombie marathons.

5. Artists collaborate
Our whole table and other classmates came up with ideas for this project and we shared them with each other. We kind of gave each other ideas on what appropriation means to each pf us whether it was a play on words or taking an already existing piece of work and changing it to something new. When I found myself thinking more about using the Mickey Mouse characters I asked the girls at my table what they thought of my idea and what I could do to certain characters to "zombify" them. 

6. Artist solve problems
I had a million other ideas before I chose this one, it was difficult to try and pick a subject just because there were so many to choose from. I'm not very good at moving a a drawing from paper to scale on canvas, so I used the projector to make sure my drawing stay intact. I responded to challenges with enthusiasm, knowing that if I overcame them I would become a better artist. Pretty much the entire project was unplanned. I was just looking through Google for ideas and happened upon a zombie picture of Mickey Mouse.  

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