Sunday, January 12, 2014

Book Carving

Out of the themes we were given I chose fears and phobias. One of my biggest fears is to be stuck in a mental institution. There is this TV show where Alice was in an asylum, I got my subject from that. Thrown in a cell because of the only people she had trusted, now feeling betrayed because they allowed her to be taken away. After several years Alice loses her hope of rescue, she begins to doubt her friends' existence in the first place. She opens up to doctors and begins telling her tales of adventure, danger, and love. For the design of the project it was very import to plan before starting to make sure the idea will fit on the page. You also have to plan how deep you want it to go. while the book is open, with each page the pages pull farther from the others so my work kind of moved farther to one side. i shaved down the sides of the lower levels to make it even. I painted it with acrylics watered down so that you can still see the words from the book.

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